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The Value of Employee Engagement Activities

Employee engagement activities come in many different forms. Some are organized events, while others involve everyday work practices. The organized events include things like staff outings, team parties, and employee engagement games. The second group applies more to general workplace conditions than to specific one-off events. We'll dig deeper into these practices a bit later [...]

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Guide to Resilience: Mental Health in the Workplace

Studies show that mental health in the workplace is directly correlated to the workplace environment. Stressful work, employee engagement and employee benefits all have an impact on an employee’s mental health. The Workplace Health Survey Report reads that the relationship between workplace health and the employee’s mental health is indicative of the level of stress at [...]

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The Current Demand for Flexible Working Hours

Conventional wisdom says adults have to work 9-5 jobs, but that's not really the case anymore. Punching in and out at the same time five days a week is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Today's employee wants the freedom and variability of flexible working hours. While flexible schedule jobs aren't a new phenomenon, the [...]

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