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Whether your employees are working home-based or office-based, making sure that they are productive and doing their work is your top priority. You need to make sure that your employees are being paid according to their work hours. Before, spreadsheets were used to log employee time and to compute their payroll – but let’s admit it – not every business owner has the luxury of time to do these things anymore. You need to have the best time tracking app.

With the help of technology, you now have the option of tracking employees’ work hours remotely. understands what every business needs when it comes to time management. Up to date, this is considered to be the best time tracking app because its functions and features deliver everything you need to manage your business.

Benefits of

If you’re still looking for a time tracking app, here are some of the features of Time Clock Wizard.

1. Free To Use

Sure, there are other time tracking software programs available, but most of them are expensive. You can find other programs requiring monthly subscription payments for you to continue using the services.

Time Clock Wizard is different – it is absolutely 100% free to use. There is no catch and no credit card necessary!

2. Track Absences

Through the app’s dashboard, you can see who’s working and who’s not. Employee absences are automatically logged for future reference. As an employer, on the other hand, you can manually enter the days an employee is unavailable, a leave of absence for instance.

3. Employee Scheduling

There are certain instances where an employee’s schedule is not consistent. They may be on a shifting schedule, and Time Clock Wizard offers advanced employee scheduling where an employer can modify the schedule every week.

4. Payroll Generation

We all know how time-consuming payroll computation is if done manually. Time Clock Wizard fully understands what every employer needs and they support this to make everyone’s lives easier. The system also supports overtime computation and time rounding, making it easier for you to generate payroll.

All you need is to hit a button and the reports for the pay period you’ve specified will be generated instantly! You can also assign managers, and these managers will be able to view each employee’s details for the pay period. Employees, on the other hand, are also able to view their own accumulated hours, current schedule, special announcements, private messages from their supervisor, and much more. This is to practice transparency and for them to be able to see their own productivity levels for the entire period.

Some programs encounter issues with their payroll being automatically generated due to conflicting information, which can sometimes happen. The software is programmed to validate information, and an error will prompt the user to make sure that they have recorded the proper information. This prevents payroll errors and ensures that everyone gets the right salary computation.

5. 100% Web-Based

One of the common problems with some other time tracking programs is that you need to download and run a program before you can track your own time. Time Clock Wizard works the other way around. It is completely browser based, which means that you can immediately track your hours, regardless if you’re using your personal computer or on another device.

Some people require leaving the office, especially if they are bound to meet with other clients. The good thing is; they can still monitor their hours as they can run the app on a mobile device.

6. Secure

Time Clock Wizard knows how important security is for you, and they assure every business owner that all data will be kept encrypted and secure. The company owns their servers, which are guarded 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in case of break-in attempts.

Obviously, This is the Best Time Tracking App

Time Clock Wizard has been carefully programmed and built to make sure that it only provides accurate data and information. With all these features, there is no doubt why Time Clock Wizard is the best time tracking app available out there.

It offers a robust time tracking, employee scheduling and payroll generating solution – and you don’t need to be computer savvy since it is very user friendly and easy for anyone to learn to use! All you need is this fantastic, browser-based solution, and all the tedious tasks of tracking employee times are off your shoulders.

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