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eBay revolutionized the e-commerce marketplace for merchants to buy and sell products online. Over time, Amazon and eBay evolved to create the ultimate virtual marketplace, allowing vendors to make profitable sales online from any location. The idea is: you don’t need to be a store-owner with a storefront to sell products. Digital nomads have capitalized on this concept and created a lucrative lifestyle.

Job opportunities have evolved with the growth of the internet and technology. With increased digitization, it isn’t necessary for you to physically be somewhere to complete a task. People are coming to realize that they can be very successful doing remote work.

The growing virtual space has given appeal to the concept of digital nomadism for the new working generation. The need for digital content and the growth of online lead generation are verticals that allow people to work from remote locations.

Who are digital nomads?

Who Are Digital Nomads?

A nomad is someone who travels from place to place while finding means to live.

The concept of living a digital nomads lifestyle is not having to be situated in a typical fixed office setting and living life in accordance with one’s own routine and traveling. If you’re a wanderlust, why not get paid while living as one? Digital nomads are location-independent and choose not to be tied down by expensive apartment lease agreements, gym memberships and other subscriptions which restrict many from the freedom to travel. In a sense, is it not better to avoid signing your life away in a contract?

A digital nomad is paid to work a remote job, while doing what he or she loves to do: travel.

This is appealing to those who value job satisfaction. The nomadic lifestyle attracts workers by offering increased flexibility. People create their own job descriptions and stretch their incomes by staying in locations with a low cost of living while serving markets with higher wages.

Elise Darma is a very successful digital nomad.

Elise teaches a masterclass on how to grow your instagram following and has been acknowledged by Forbes and Entrepreneur. She is what she calls herself, a “travelpreneur”, and encourages those interested in starting or expanding their business to translate their skills into a freelance business.

While her instagram displays extraordinary pictures of her travels from vibrant clearwater beaches in Bali to coastal towns in Italy, Elise has mastered the lifestyle of digital nomadism as she takes her work with her to different corners of the world helping business owners with growth, monetization and branding of their business.

Need For Digital Nomads

Internet revolution has brought about new industries and professions that allow people to be successful working remotely.

These industries include:

  • Website design and development
    • Though this job position usually requires schooling or some type of training in UI/UX web design and HTML/CSS development, someone with the technical abilities, can work as a designer or developer for an agency or have freelance clients from a remote location.
  • Graphic design
    • Communicate visually by creating concepts to improve the aesthetic quality of a website. Virtual art can be created using a software or by hand. Captivate consumers with your freelance work, maybe from your personalized stock images of your experiences traveling the world.
  • Pay-Per-Click management
    • With the right training, you can manage website owners in how they advertise on the internet. PPC management can increase traffic to brands by directing consumers to websites. All you need is knowledge of how to oversee trends of a company’s ad spend.
  • Ecommerce management
    • Ecommerce is the electronic transfer of products through the internet. Managing a company’s ecommerce functionality can also be done online and remotely by overseeing the different departments to facilitate operations of the company.
  • Blogging
    • Whether on social media or simply asked to write reviews for a website, tell readers what you think about a particular product or experience you have been asked to research (or on your own volition). This can be your chance to get paid to experience new things! People who love to travel love this work.
  • SEO specialists
    • Help optimize websites for search engines based on keywords. You can do this remotely, read about the company and tell them what keywords they should incorporate into their website and which one’s aren’t necessarily beneficial.

Less obvious professions it’s brought forth:

  • Digital marketing analytics
    • Measure and analyze a company’s marketing performance by overseeing customers’ trends and performances. This can be communicated through ROI’s and electronically.
  • Tracking and reporting
    • This ties in with digital marketing analytics. Performance tracking and reporting analytics helps optimize decision making for companies. Again, this is information you process online and can be done remotely so long as you have a computer and access to the internet.
  • Project management
    • The project manager is the overseer for all projects, files and communication between the team. This requires a good communicator. If you can set a good system for communication for a company, you can manage a company’s project online.

The internet has created this conveniency which allows people to complete important jobs and to make money with just a computer and wi-fi connectivity.

Social Media Influence

Social Media Influence

The internet provides us the pathway to connect with people around the world, while social media gives us the motivation to connect with the world.

Brands had a tough time communicating to their target audience before the rise of social media marketing. With platforms like instagram and facebook allowing users to sign on at any time of the day and all over the world, people can communicate with each other instantaneously. All they need to post online is an idea, internet connection, and a device that connects to the internet.

Social media influencers are now brands in themselves. Users take a social media influencer’s words and make decisions based on their trusted reviews and promotions of a particular product or service. They build a following for capturing the attention of some specific niche audience and then capitalize on it by promoting products online. Bloggers specifically travel to post more glamorous photos of themselves with a particular product or using a service, increasing their audience size.

Here’s how you can get started on becoming a social media influencer.

You can also become a social media manager, which is a job title that did not exist about 15 years ago, but every big brand spends top dollar on today. A social media manager and/or consultant can work with a brand to make money using social media no matter where they are located.

Digital Nomad Jobs & How To Get One

There are a few simple requirements to live like digital nomads. These include identifying your skill and being able to communicate your work. Communication is key! For this, you will need a laptop and consistent internet connection. If you’re interested in remote work, there are websites that list remote jobs. You can search for freelance work according to your field and your skill. You can find freelance gigs anywhere from:

  • Copywriters
  • Transcribers
  • Publishers
  • Photographers
  • Accountants
  • Virtual assistants.
  • Editors
  • English Teachers

Sign up for a digital nomad job

Looking to do freelance work?

This freelancing guide shows you how business owners and independent contractors work to succeed.

Create your profile detailing your skills and the services you provide. People will read your profile and contact you according to your specialty and flexibility.

Websites like Grateful Gypsies can teach you how to begin your successful digital nomadic journey. Learn to be an online ESL teacher and become TEFL certified! Then, share your experience as you post pictures and travel tips from your adventures from your favorite stays.

Another lucrative platform for you to pursue remote work is VIPKID. VIPKID allows you to teach English online which offers students in China an American elementary school education. It has grown exponentially in the last year. Kobe Bryant is an investor!

Benefits of digital nomad jobs

Benefits of Digital Nomads Jobs

Why become a digital nomad?

  • Expand your creativity

    • Working in different places allows you to come up with different ideas. Sitting in the same cubicle every day can become mundane and restricts you from learning new things.
  • Travel the world

    • Exploring new locations can motivate you to work and experience more.
  • Become adaptable

    • Engaging with different people of different backgrounds and cultures brings you out of your comfort zone.
  • Flexible hours

    • With a job in which you can create your own job description, you can set aside time to do the things you love.
  • Experience new things

    • When done with your work, explore your surroundings!

A study mentioned in Forbes details full-time digital nomads, 54%, and part-time digital nomads, 46%, with a good portion living the nomad lifestyle for only a part of the year. You can even choose the hours you wish to be working as a digital nomad. This allows you to be fluid enough to work even past what would conventionally be your retirement age.

Join a digital nomad community

Digital nomad communities like Nomadlist and LocationIndie can teach you how to be a successful digital nomad. Traveling professionals can answer your questions, insecurities and provide tips on how to better your experiences and how to work effectively en route to places you wish to visit. You can also just meet new people which would open many more opportunities for partnerships as well as friendships.

A Quick Guide To Hire Freelancers

There are websites where people post the freelance services they offer.

People realize that they do not necessarily need to have expensive and dedicated office spaces available for all their staff. So, managers of virtual teams can work from remote locations, and collaborate as a virtual team without possibly ever having to see each other face-to-face.

These websites are for employers looking for work on a per project basis with quality assurance based on reviews.

  • Upwork 
    • Read the freelancer’s profile. Profiles allow you to view work experience and samples reading freelancer’s reviews. Hire a freelancer within 7 days for a long-term or short-term project by filling out an offer form.
  • Fiverr 
    • Freelance Services Marketplace for The Lean Entrepreneur.
  • Angie’s List 
    • Angie’s List offers a range of membership plans to help find the information you need about a freelancer or company. Angie’s List reviews stress accountability.

Boss Magazine tells you why you should consider hiring freelancers. Companies can source the right fit of talent from the most cost-effective locations globally, which also enables them to hand over work from one person to another remotely.

The demand for digital nomad jobs is rising. Not to worry – the supply is increasing just as fast.

The rise of digital nomadism gives future generations the ability to dictate success on their own terms. Wouldn’t you want to be paid doing what you want, when you want, where you want to – and all on your own terms?

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