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The Value of Employee Engagement Activities

Employee engagement activities come in many different forms. Some are organized events, while others involve everyday work practices. The organized events include things like staff outings, team parties, and employee engagement games. The second group applies more to general workplace conditions than to specific one-off events. We'll dig deeper into these practices a bit later [...]

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Four Common Problems an Attendance Tracker Can Solve

Whether you manage a physical or a virtual team, an attendance tracker can be one of the most valuable tools in your arsenal.  There was a time when attendance management was simple. Employees all came to the same office and punched into the same easy-to-manage time clock. And except on the rare occasion, they worked [...]

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Benefits of Technology in the Workplace for Businesses

Advantages of Technology Today, technology in the workplace can collaborate with software that amplifies the work of a human employee. With the invention of the computer following the discovery of radio frequencies, automated programmed computers can mimic any repetitive process that a human worker does and can take over entirely. This, ultimately, increases productivity, betters communication and [...]

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Super-Manager: Mediating Team Conflict

Team Conflict Team conflict in a workplace is inevitable and is an everyday occurrence for managers to resolve. When employees have such close interaction with the same other employees every day, conflict becomes a part of the routine. As a manager, the main focus is to increase productivity. Productivity is hindered with team conflict. Deadlines [...]

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