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Consider Marketing Tools for Small Business

Every business needs to employ up-to-date marketing tools in order to succeed. With the growth of technology, marketing now extends beyond simple advertising for a business and involves the way consumers navigate through advertisements using keywords and search engines. Looking at the way people maneuver online under a microscope helps businesses understand the psychology behind marketing. The advancements in marketing technology have opened several jobs that did not exist fifteen years ago. These occupations really enable businesses to understand their customers.

In this article, read about how marketing tools help businesses become more understanding in building a relationship with their customers.

Examples of What Marketing Tools Do to Help

Examples of What Marketing Tools Do to Help

Companies need marketing strategies when competing with other businesses and in bettering their reputation in the industry. Measuring what is working and what is not, marketing tools allow businesses to monitor what has the best ROI. By keeping track of certain aspects of a website, these marketing strategies allow businesses to promote traffic to their website, ultimately, increasing the number of customers that will keep coming back.

Email marketing and automation

Email marketing involves the sending of commercial emails to a group of people– usually potential customers. Marketing automation is a form of customer relationship management that focuses on the guidelines, scheduling and tracking of marketing campaigns. Marketing automation performs the repetitive tasks that are necessary during a marketing campaign. It monitors the journey from which leads become customers. These tools enable companies to better understand customer behavior through email marketing and functions in helping capturing leads and increasing conversions.

Traffic and engagement

This is the study of search engine optimization. The purpose of SEO for your website is to strategically observe keyword usage and monitor content. With the use of SEO, businesses can view website visitor’s engagement. When improving the SEO of a company’s website, the company is likely to rank higher up in search engine results. When people input keywords related to your business, good SEO leads result to more visitors on your website. This increases the likelihood of new customers.

Traffic can either be organic or direct. Direct traffic is when a browser types in the exact name of your business or website into the URL search bar. There is, also, referral traffic. This is when viewers who land on a company’s website click on a link to the website from another.

When monitoring these three types of traffic, you are increasing your potential chances for a new customer.

Conversion rate optimization and landing pages

This is the drill of continually optimizing a landing page’s capability in converting mere visitors on the website into leads and/or customers. CRO is the practice of making marketing more successful, in turn, making the business more successful.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing is the utilization of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to promote a brand. These marketing platforms allow businesses to capture the attention of a particular audience and build a following. Then, businesses capitalize on it by promoting their products to the audience reading reviews. Social media plays a role that allows e-commerce to grow in popularity when customers rad for inspirational recommendations of products with vibrant and attention-drawing pictures.

Pay-per-click advertising (PPC)

This strategy of marketing in which the advertising business pays a small fee for each time a visitor clicks on an ad on search engine results for the business. Basically, brands are paying to increase the amount of visitors landing on their websites.

Display, design and visuals

The rise in popularity of visual content is staggering, and I’m here to help you leverage this to help your site grow. I don’t believe the written word is dying, but I do believe those who create visuals that complement their written content will see much better results.

Content creation and marketing

This strategy brings attention to the reason why people generate certain content; focusing on a target audience and how a brand features benefits other brands do not. Content marketing strategy that illustrates content in different forms in order to capture an audience, build a relationship with them and encourage engagement to increase profits.

The content marketing tactic employs the power of manufacturing and managing content that strategically details the implementation of a plan through the use of words. When creating a “hook” for a headline, creating a title that grabs the visitor’s attention is the key to marketing success. Being able to connect with the visitor’s pain without the product that solves his or her problem with the proper use of illustrative words is the strategy in showing them that a company can fill the need the audience has.

List of Digital Marketing Tools and Techniques

List of Digital Marketing Tools and Techniques

Digital marketing uses a number of different techniques. Each of these aspects of digital marketing fulfills different needs that all share the same goal. These different strategies and tools combine information and techniques to encourage significant traffic to a business. This also ensures that who was once just a visitor on a website is finally characterized as a returning customer. The digital marketing crusade fights for optimizing relationships with customers. Here are a list of digital marketing tools that focus on different strategies:

Research Tools

Google Trends
In terms of research, Google Trends allows users to see the latest trends in relation with search volume of searches between terms. It confirms or denies ideas when typing the keyword the industry or market you are researching. Add words to customize data. Specify which region or demographic you are researching.

Landing Page Builders


Flatpack is a drag and drop landing page designer that includes 26 different landing page which features a unique design. It is easy to use and self-explanatory. In the end, Flatpack has a high conversion rate and is ideal for businesses that use digital marketing strategies. Customize a business’ landing page choosing different colors and images to set your business apart from others.

Social Sharing and Curation Tools

DrumUp Plugin
This plugin acknowledges articles businesses are interested in and appropriately displays up to ten recommendations according to relevance. Then, share stories on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. If someone requires more material to refer to when focusing on content marketing, the plug-in will show recommendations that can be used to create the article.

Click on the DrumUp icon and share what you read on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages—it will direct you to a page where you can choose which social media networks you wish to share the material with your audience to.

Lead Capture


Using email pop-ups, generate leads with SumoMe. This tool also invites people to join your mailing list. These pop-ups increase the chance and open more opportunities for businesses to gain new customers. This increases conversion rates on landing pages for businesses.

Web Design Tools

Businesses can capitalize using these web design tools, especially, because they are free!


This web design tool features pre-made templates for platforms like Facebook Ads, logo, poster, etc. This is a very simple program for, even, beginners to use. Users can upload images and logos to Canva and continue editing the design until satisfied with a final result.

Even more easy-to-use than Canva is Pablo. Begin by choosing a template according to quote, promotion, announcement or outreach design and work until reaching a final design. This utility allows the relocation of text and allows users to upload their images and logos to the design.

Content Publishing Tools

Purchasing a blog post, article or social messages, Scripted offers quality content for businesses. With reasonable and practical pricing for each design, it offers a subscription for account management and specializes in content creation and publication for article’s under each account.


This tool allows users to engage in the entire cycle from content planning and creation to optimization and publication. This ensures users that they are producing content for every level of the consumer’s purchasing experience. Offering calendars and management tools along with storing and sharing of information, this, also, acts as a visual database in which users can track every view of the content life cycle. Use Kapost to organize and measure returns.

People in today’s market are coming to realize the importance of marketing strategies in a business’ success. It is a strength that many business owners do not, yet, know to utilize. With social networking platforms and the tracking of keywords, the Internet is becoming a huge factor in contributing to a the success of business advertising. Building a rapport and maintaining a reputation is, now, mostly done online.

By ignoring marketing strategies, business owners are not doing anything but missing an enormous opportunity that can rapidly increase in return on investment. It is vital for businesses to employ certain strategies in the marketing department to use, in today’s market. These technologies encourage leads and more growing opportunities. Though they are simply an online form of marketing, these tools should be used by every business.

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