SaaS for business

Software as a Service or SaaS for business is the new delivery model for many business’ software. Also known as “on-demand software,” SaaS is categorized under cloud computing with the subscribed software licensing. According to a survey conducted by BetterCloud, it is estimated that 73% of companies will have up to 80% of their business applications as SaaS in the year 2020.

Businesses are starting to take a new approach with SaaS operations. SaaS utilities simplify the process of accessing data once it is available on the internet. This gives companies the chance to host and ensure efficient IT support, in turn, providing reliable network security, effective collaboration, better features and better pricing. SaaS is a revolutionary technology and is quickly growing in appeal.

We have witnessed the exponential growth of many apps and SaaS, recently. These developments made softwares more accessible than ever before. If a someone was looking for a particular service, there is a high possibility they may already have an app or cloud-based service to provide an aid in his or her endeavor.

The intense competition between service provides sometimes renders business owners idle. It is common for business owners to not realize the potential benefits offered by these systems.

Keep reading for many excellent SaaS for business and tools to consider and how to evaluate these tools for efficiency. One of the most biggest benefits of these tools is the chance to manage a virtual workforce properly. Business owners with a physical location will find them suitable for their location as well.

Typically, there are four categories for business operations:

  • Sales and Marketing
  • Research and Development
  • Production
  • Operations

If considering and evaluating cloud-based computing systems, the first step should be to sort them into these categories. Looking at a company’s needs and history, business owners should able to tell which areas are lacking and need improvement. This will help decide how to allocate money to get the best value. Some of the tools demonstrated here apply to more than one single business category.

Cloud solutions for small business owners

Cloud Solutions For Small Business Owners

SaaS solutions for research & development purposes is the powerhouse of a business. The level of importance we give to ideas is the most noteworthy development in business. There isn’t a day that goes by that someone does not have a groundbreaking idea that is published in the newspaper.

Effective collaboration and proper communication is essential in the production of a concept. You are positioning yourself for profitable results when you give your team a chance to brainstorm, share ideas, take notes, and learn from each other. This is where SaaS can help a business owner.

Collaboration Software


Slack has become increasingly popular over the years. With 8 million daily users, it is the most popular of all the collaboration softwares. Slack gives team members the opportunity to get together, virtually, to work with other software platforms. It allows multiple app integration and file sharing.

Facebook Workplace

The Facebook workplace was designed to integrate social media in the workplace– as a means of collaborating, communicating, and organizing. It allows the integration of tools such as DropBox.

Introduced in 2016, Facebook Workplace allows users to share posts, make and view updates, watch live video broadcasts, and discuss projects. Facebook Workplace supports file sharing, screen sharing, mentions, and reactions. Users’ personal accounts are separate from workplace accounts.


Only a few conventional brainstorming tools are better than the whiteboard. This virtual whiteboard is comprehensive and can boost the collaborative efforts online through many integrations like icons, templates, and Google Drive.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams launched a year ago and currently engages about 200,000 companies. The tool has monopolized itself as the game changer for large enterprises. It comes integrated with Office 365 applications and supports third-party integrations– essential features. Microsoft Teams makes it possible to exchange files and schedule meetings– all in a single chat console.

Microsoft has also added cloud recording which are equipped with time coding and automatic transcription.

File Sharing

There are many file sharing services out there, each carrying its own pros and cons. They are all unique, so the decision to purchase one should be based on the online ecosystem the company resides in. File sharing services allow team members to work on the same documents and track changes in real-time. Google, Microsoft, and Apple all have their cloud database– file sharing services incorporated with their collection of office applications.

SaaS Providers That Help With Production

Business owners need to ensure that their products or services are in the reach of customers. Have you considered for SaaS can help your business?

Project Management Software

A good project management software is a necessity if forecasting specialized or complex projects in your future. A systemized project management software solution will provide the aid needed to execute projects, efficiently.

The following apps and services will prove to be beneficial:


Popular for its 3-panel dashboard, Wrike places all your information in a single view. Wrike is a standard project management software with integrated collaboration features.


When a project needs to be completed, basecamp keeps every collaborator up-to-date with the progress of the task. Basecamp is an efficient project management software that holds all communications, files, upcoming assignments, and timeline in a single place.

Appointment Scheduling Software

This software makes appointments and online bookings automatic and synchronizes them with calendar and devices. It will also notify and set reminders of essential engagements and schedules. Examples include:


This software simplifies scheduling and booking, making it accessible across different devices to book appointments and set plans from anywhere.


This online scheduler lets business’ decide the hours for attending to clients and allows clients to choose the time slot convenient for them. Calendly is versatile and can be used in many scenarios and for different professionals – consultants, freelancers, and other companies. Integrate the tool on a website or in apps like Salesforce, Zapier, and GoToMeeting.

Sales and Marketing Using SaaS

Sales and Marketing Using SaaS

Find out what generates money and the SaaS category with the highest number of competition.

Accounting and Payroll

The ultimate aim of a business is to make money. Preparing plans, budgets, and forecasts, coupled with important processes like project management, accounting, billing, and invoicing, and tracking are all paramount to success as a business. Consider choosing a SaaS for finances and accounting to help track payments and monitoring late payments without much fuss.

Accounting software providers make finances automatic and manage business’ accounting activities. Ultimately, they improve the accuracy of accounting processes. A good example is FreshBooks.


This software keeps a tab on bank accounts and credit cards and helps to account for every minor expense. The design is intuitive and straightforward, meaning one should get the hang of things without any accounting background. It will automatically handle processes and calculations and allow to conduct thorough reports and review financial patterns.


This is perhaps the oldest of all sales and marketing software solutions. Although Infusionsoft is useful for traditional marketing, it also works excellently for automated online marketing. It is a bit expensive for small businesses and has a steep learning curve.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

These applications help companies create a stable relationship with their customers, increase conversions, and boost revenues through customer data monitoring from different interaction channels such as phone calls, social interactions, and website visits. Business’ use this software to evaluate and handle customer information towards creating sales funnels, identifying marketing opportunities, and launching loyalty programs. The most significant advantage of CRM is that they help sort customers based on their prospects and focus on the most viable buyers.

There are many CRM software to choose from, and the choice should be guided by the business’ mode of operation and budget. A popular, inexpensive option is Pipedrive. Hubspot CRM is another free comprehensive tool one can use for managing relationships with the customers.

Email Marketing Software

Email software providers are increasingly implementing easy-to-use and automation features for email campaigns. Many providers have autoresponders that make it faster to reply customer’s messages based on their behavior. Popular and reliable service providers include MailChimpEmma, and Campaign Monitor.

Sales Automation Software

These solutions help regulate tasks and procedures related to sales. It makes tracking sales faster and allowing goals to be met on time.

A good solution is HubSpot Sales which is a component of HubSpot suite that allows pipeline management, sales automation, and CRM.

SaaS Managing Operations

SaaS Managing Operations

Operation entails having team members aligned with a strong focus while ensuring fiscal control. The following are software for operations:

HR Software

HR software can help manage the workforce. It simplifies human resource management including screening, recruitment, evaluation, hiring, on-boarding, training, and education. It also ensures adherence to HR and labor laws.

A good solution for small and medium businesses is Bamboo HR. It is designed to handle online human resource requires such as employee on-boarding, applicant tracking, benefits management, and reporting.

Moneypenny: If the desired level of productivity from the employees is not met, then consider Moneypenny. The software monitors member hours, connect time logs with travel expenses, and provide tools for team management to ensure control and vision.

Humanity: Scheduling employees can be difficult. Humanity allows employees to set availability and manage shifts among themselves. Within a glance, a business owner will be able to tell if every ground is covered—or not.

Time Tracking Software

This software aid efficient management and completion of complex and time-based projects. Use solution to create beneficial goals and deadlines based on the numbers put in the system. Also, link related projects and tasks to get an overview of the expected result and to ensure that a company’s focuses are aligned progressively. It allows planning ahead of situations and adjusting processes and resources to manage positive and negative situations as they occur.

An example of a great time clock software is Time Clock Wizard. Time Clock Wizard is a hybrid tracking software containing project management and social collaboration features to help accomplish tasks before deadlines. It is one of the most useful cloud solutions for small businesses, and it is incredibly easy to use.

Time Clock Wizard provides a detailed work structure for managing projects, tasks and conversations. It emphasizes projects, budgets, portfolios, resources, and jobs, and ensures proper handling of information and resources.

Important features to consider before choosing SaaS solutions

The following are aspects one should consider:

  • Ease of Use – must be easy to use by anyone without necessarily having an IT background
  • Accessibility – must be uninhibited, regardless of time, location, and devices
  • Affordability – consider solutions that offer quality at budget-friendly prices
  • Quick Deployment – the installation must be smooth and straightforward – ready to deploy in no time
  • Flexibility and Scalability – must be able to accommodate a business as it expands and flexible enough to allow app integrations
  • Customer Support – easy access to information (guides, documentation, webinars) and resolutions (chats, phone calls, emails)
  • Security Features – detailed security measures on the platform to safeguard data, transactions, and other information

SaaS is available to provide businesses with the boost it needs to scale in today’s digital world. Regardless of the limited budgets available for small businesses, they can employ cloud platforms to secure professional support and the latest technology, ensuring that they have what it takes to simplify their business operations and increase their strong points.

Studies have shown that more small and medium enterprises are adopting cloud and SaaS technology because of the benefits they offer. The most substantial reasons for adopting SaaS – flexibility and affordability – are benefits that small businesses are enjoying that has helped them save more, cut costs, increase opportunities, and organize their company into a much stronger and viable entity that can withstand challenges.

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