TCW’s Free State Wage Calculators Make Payroll a Snap

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We get it– every company is different and your payroll problems require a solution that fits. That’s why we’ve developed several different types of free hourly calculators. Each one comes equipped with a state specific tax data base and the ability to be a huge time saver for small to medium-sized companies. Here, we’ll take a quick look at our two different types of hourly calculators.

Just as the name says, our state hourly calculators are designed to compute your hourly employee’s take home or net pay. They’re engineer-tested for high level accuracy and automatically updated when your home state’s tax codes change. Just as importantly, our hourly calculators require very little effort on your company’s part and let your managers get back to what they two best.

Free Hourly Payroll Calculators

First, Time Clock Wizard offers a free hourly payroll calculator. We’ve designed one for each of the 50 states. This means that they use an up-do-date tax database to withhold the right amount of federal, state, and local taxes no matter how often an employee’s tax status might change.

Payroll becomes a simple process on the managerial end. All you have to transfer the number of hours worked and input a small amount of tax information. The end result is just the solution you’ve been looking for – accurate payroll with minimal effort.

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Free Hourly Paycheck Calculators

We also offer a free hourly paycheck calculator for your company’s use. With different versions available for all 50 states, you’re bound to find one that works for you. Our hourly paycheck calculator has the same goal as the rest of your payroll software– to help you pay your employees properly the first time.

And what what does properly mean here? First, it means pinpoint accuracy. With a constantly updated tax engine supporting it, our hourly paycheck calculator automatically withholds the right amount of federal, state, and local taxes. Paying your employees properly also means delivering their paycheck or direct deposit on time. That’s where the speed and simplicity of our hourly calculator comes in. It might take you a few practice runs to see what we mean, but with a few minutes worth of effort on your end, this nifty piece of software will deliver the correct amount of net pay each and every time.

Like the rest of our payroll software, these hourly paycheck calculators can take other important information into account as well. This includes deductions for things like 401k plans and HSAs.

As you can see, we’re offering a simple yet versatile set of tools that can take a lot of frustration and worry off of your plate. They’re also free to use, so we suggest you give your state’s hourly calculator a few test runs right away.