Time Clock Wizard’s Free Hourly Paycheck Calculator

Payroll presents a host of problems for small to medium-sized businesses. These problems should never be taken lightly, but our free hourly paycheck calculator makes part of the solution easy.

The Ongoing Payroll Problem

This is a scenario most business owners already know far too well. It concerns getting your employees paid in a manner that’s on time, efficient, and accurate. Unfortunately, this is much easier said than done, especially during significant growth periods.

In the past, it might have seemed as though you could only choose from one of three unappealing options:

  1. Hire an expensive part-time or full-time accountant
  2. Spend an inordinate amount of time working on company payroll
  3. Work with clumsy spreadsheets and takr your chances with a costly paycheck mistake

It goes without saying that none of these options are acceptable. In fact, each of these paths can do a great deal of direct and indirect damage to your business. But what if you had a fourth choice? What if you had a way to pay your employees accurately without outsourcing or risking costly mistakes?

Well, that’s exactly what we’re offering with our hourly paycheck calculator– a simple way to pay your hourly employees in an efficient, error-free way.

Start Tracking Employee Time For Free

TCW’s Hourly Payroll Calculator

Let’s get right to the point. Each of our hourly paycheck calculators is an advanced piece of software that delivers consistent results with a minimum of time and effort on your end. Here’s a summary of the software’s main features:

  • TCW has an hourly paycheck calculator that fits the tax code of your specific state
  • This ensures that the correct amount of federal, state, and local taxes are withheld without any extra effort on your part
  • Our paycheck calculators can take care of other deductions as well, including things like health savings accounts and retirement plan contributions
  • With a constantly updated tax database working in the background, you’re never in danger of withholding too much or too little from an employee’s paycheck
  • Despite the fact that they’re rigorously tested by qualified engineers for accuracy, our hourly paycheck calculators are easy to learn and simple to use

These are all features you need to see for yourself. Give your state’s paycheck calculator a test drive today to see how simple and accurate they are. We’re certain it won’t take long for you to see the benefits you’ll accrue.

Simplicity That Delivers Real Results

Here are the simple steps our hourly paycheck calculator requires on your end:

  • Locate the correct software for your home state
  • Fill in the fields for pay rate and number of hours worked for each employee
  • If a given employee works at different pay rates, you can enter up to six different hourly amounts
  • Enter the length of the employee pay period
  • Input the appropriate tax information and any other deductions
  • Click on the calculate button and receive quick, accurate results

The paycheck calculator will instantly tell you the employee’s gross and net pay. It will also provide a report on the amount of taxes and other deductions withheld. This gives your employees the ability to take in at a glance how their take home pay was calculated. It also gives you a detailed report to send to payroll for generating paychecks or making direct deposits.

And that’s all there is to it. Free, accurate to the penny, and simple to use, your state’s hourly paycheck calculator provides a single solution to a multitude of payroll problems. Please try one out today.

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