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Using a Salary Paycheck Calculator to Help Solve the Payroll Equation

Payroll management is an area that no company can afford to take lightly. In fact, payroll management can be one of the most challenging parts of running a business. These difficulties arise from a number of sources.  First, payroll is often tedious and time-consuming. Second, it's an area where it's easy to make costly mistakes. [...]

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The Challenges and Benefits of Teamwork in a Global Economy

Every company might have very different needs, but the benefits of teamwork are relevant to all of them. In fact, team effectiveness is crucial to every type of organization you can imagine. It doesn't matter if you're talking about an elementary school, a professional sports teams, or a worldwide corporation. The benefits of teamwork apply [...]

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Culture of Accountability in the Workplace: An Introduction

Trust can only be formed when team members are consistent and demonstrate a culture of accountability in the workplace. It is important to trust a team to do what it said it would do. With that, each employee in the team is accountable for his or her actions and results generated. One person’s shortcomings can [...]

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Take Initiative: Leadership Skills in the Workplace

Leadership skills in the workplace can make or break a business. A bad leader of operations can repel fruitful relationships with the employees. In fact, the wrong leader can scare employees away from even working for the company. The leader is the authoritative figure that serves as a role model and directs the team. This [...]

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