Keeping a Checklist for Small Business

The 7 Items Every Checklist for Small Business Needs Every small business has to start somewhere. At first, one may only be focused on what the product or service is, and how to provide it. However, there are dozens of other elements involved in a building a foundation for a successful business.  You have to think of [...]

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The Right Virtual Assistant Can Innovate Your Business

Being a small business owner or entrepreneur takes a certain level of work ethic. Most who start small and build something that lasts end up putting a lot of time into their plans. This means everything from designing a brand that highlights their vision, to the seemingly trivial tasks that make it all possible. As [...]

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Today’s Tax Apps That Are Building Better Businesses

For thousands of people all over the country, building a business is a cornerstone of the American dream. And one part of the American dream you can always count on is Uncle Sam taking his cut. Thankfully, modern technology like the smartphone is putting the power to prepare and file taxes effectively in the hands [...]

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Online Visibility and Why You Should Hire a Writer

There's a simple, unquestioned truth in internet marketing circles-- if you want to want to make money from your website, you have to hire a writer.  And it can't just be someone off the street or your talented nephew either. These days, it's a professional content writer or else. This might sound a little dramatic, [...]

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