Insist on Accountability with Employee Monitoring Software

Time Clock Wizard’s employee monitoring software ensures employee accountability and gives your managers the big-picture view that they need.

A New Solution to An Old Problem

As anyone who manages people or works in HR knows, a variety of systematic headaches pop up when employees aren’t where they’re supposed to be. The same is true when employees can’t stay focused, or attend to personal business when they’re being paid to work.

The following list of problems this creates is one that every manager knows all too well:

  • Redundancies and other inefficiencies
  • Missed deadlines
  • Low team morale
  • Poor customer service
  • Decreased productivity
  • High turnover

But the problem doesn’t stop there. Without the proper tools, your managers can be reduced to babysitters, spending all their time checking up on employees. Inevitably, this leads to a damaging rippling effect, with tasks not getting done and managers unable to do what they are hired to do.

This can be an especially difficult problem with members of remote teams. Fortunately, our staff tracking software is specifically designed to address this ongoing need. Check out what our employee monitoring software can do to cure the headaches you thought would never go away.

Easy-to-use employee monitoring solution.

Reliable results.

Remote Worker Screenshots

One of the best ways to keep remote staff accountable is through the use of random (or timed) desktop screenshots of employees who are on the clock. These screenshots can help you develop a culture of accountability on remote teams by:

  • Having optional time settings so employees can’t predict when they’ll occur
  • Offering a significant reduction in inappropriate activity during work time
  • Giving managers a real-time picture of their entire team
  • Helping to identify problem areas, including employees who are ill-suited for remote work

It’s simple– people work better when they know there is adequate supervision. Although it is an unfortunate fact about human nature, it’s still something you have to deal with consistently. The screenshot capabilities of our employee computer monitoring software are just the tool that you need.

Work Tracking for Optimal Efficiency

TCW’s employee monitoring software also lets you track employee activity throughout the day. This includes detailed tracking of the apps they’re using and the websites they’re visiting to accomplish their daily tasks. Additionally, our software records how much time your employees are spending on specific tasks and the tools they’re using to finish them.

Just as importantly, the software generates automated reports of your employee’s activities. These reports can help you analyze employee activity from a variety of perspectives. The TCW mobile app even lets you track employee activity from all over the world! Taken together, here’s a sampling of what activity tracking and these automated reports can do:

  • Locate problem areas with individual employees and your business procedures
  • Let you know when it’s time to consider an alternative tool for a particular task
  • Help you measure how well certain team members work together

Easy-to-use employee monitoring solution.

Reliable results.

Simpler Timesheets and Team Tracking

TCW’s timesheet reports are straightforward and easy to navigate. They allow managers to add or delete hours worked in a matter of seconds. Labor reports are easily accessed via the dashboard and allow you to view the number of hours worked from a variety of useful perspectives.

Time Clock Wizard comes equipped with a GPS time tracker. In addition to ensuring that individual employees are in the right place when clocked in, this technology also makes mobile or remote teams much easier to manage.

Here’s how TCW’s team monitoring software can help:

  • It keeps you informed on where your team members are during the course of a workday
  • It has optional automatic clock-ins and outs that are based on an employee’s location
  • It has detailed automated reports that tell you how long team members spend at a location
  • It prevents buddy punching and other forms of employee time theft

Employee Tracking Software that Makes a Real Difference

Our employee monitoring software provides real-world benefits. Within just a few days of starting to use it, your managers will see a meaningful uptick in accountability, efficiency, and overall productivity. They’ll also have fewer headaches to deal with and plenty of time to perform the advanced tasks they were hired to do.

Contact us today to set up your free trial of the best online time tracking software in the business.

Easy-to-use employee monitoring solution.

Reliable results.

What Our Customers Have To Say:

Tommie Williams
As our business grew, the task of scheduling employees, tracking employee time and running payroll reports became more and more time-consuming. Implementing Time Clock Wizard proved to be a huge time and money saver for us. Our employees love the mobile apps and the online scheduling feature is really helping to keep us organized.
Zoe Jackson
We had a computer crash and I had to reload everything. One of the customer representatives was great at helping me get Time Clock Wizard connected back with our books. It was a pleasure to work with, very knowledgeable and friendly.
Sidney Villarreal
I used this program at a design studio to keep track of hours per client. It was simple and easy to clock in and clock out for each client. I used this all day every day during my time at this position and wouldn't have been able to function without it. At the end of every week the company would print the reviews compiled by Time Clock Wizard and would review hours for each client and each employee.
Jessica Taylor
I love Time Clock Wizard! Their service department has impressed me the few times whenever I've needed to contact them -- they even incorporated a change in the interface that I had submitted and has also sent a thank you note. Time Clock Wizard is an integral part of my service business. I am really very happy using these services!!
Vivienne Callaghan
Time Clock Wizard is without doubt, the best time tracking software on the whole payroll process has been reduced to about 20 minutes, and most of that is spent signing checks and envelope stuffing.
Stephen Coleman
We love that our timekeepers can add their daily hours to the Time Clock Wizard in real time (both on the desktop and mobile app platforms) and with such ease. Great app!!
Colin Dickens
Time Clock Wizard is everything timesheet management software should be! Easy to learn and navigate and accurate! Makes finalizing payroll and monitoring employee attendance a breeze!
Luke Anderson
I appreciate such an amazing app that saves my time that I was spending on calculating my worked hours and the payroll as well. Time clock Wizard also help to track the in and out time automatically which is suitable both for employee and employer.
Diana Jones
I am a floating technician so I am always in a different store and often times have deliveries. Time Clock Wizard allows me to clock out after I finish my delivery. And if I forget to clock out I can send a message easily to our payroll.