Free South Dakota Hourly Paycheck Calculator 

With this free South Dakota hourly paycheck calculator on your side, you won’t need to worry anymore about getting everyone paid accurately and on time. For easy calculation of your net pay, simply input as many as six hourly pay rates along with the applicable federal, state, and local tax data.  

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 Free South Dakota Hourly Paycheck Calculator FAQs 

Our hourly paycheck calculator software is engineer tested for accuracy each time you use it.  It also uses a constantly updated tax engine/database to ensure proper tax withholding and make the calculator even easier to use. All in all, you can count on our paycheck calculators to eliminate the stress and lost time that used to accompany your payroll process.  

Here are three of the most frequently-asked-questions about our hourly paycheck calculator and South Dakota income taxes: 

  1. Does South Dakota impose a state income tax on its residents?

         No. Residents of South Dakota do not pay state income tax.    

  1. What’s the minimum wage rate in South Dakota? 

          South Dakota’s minimum wage is currently set at $9.30/hr. 

  1. What are South Dakota’s provisions for termination pay?

          South Dakota workers must be paid their remaining wages by the next payday whether they’re fired or leave their job voluntarily.  

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