There’s a simple, unquestioned truth in internet marketing circles– if you want to want to make money from your website, you have to hire a writer.  And it can’t just be someone off the street or your talented nephew either. These days, it’s a professional content writer or else. This might sound a little dramatic, but it actually makes a lot of sense.  And if you think about it for a minute, you’ll understand why.

The first thing your website needs is a constant flow of traffic. Of course, it’s conversions and repeat buyers you’re really after, but traffic always comes first. Your site can offer the best product or service in the world, but that won’t matter if no one can find you. In short, the success of your website depends largely on its level of online visibility.  Fortunately, this is an area where freelance blog writers can really help.

But increased traffic isn’t the only reason to hire a professional content writer. In fact, the value of great writing continues long after potential customers first visit your site. A consistent flow of engaging, concise writing will keep customers coming back and turn your site into a destination.

Hire a Writer

Hire a Writer to Enhance Your Brand’s Online Visibility

There are many factors involved in your brand’s online visibility, but high-quality content is one of the most important. We’ll devote this section to describing the role that great content plays in your site’s online visibility. But first, let talk about what the term really means.

An Overview of Online Visibility

There are complexities involved in the concept of online visibility, many of which can’t be captured in a few brief statements. But here’s a definition of the term that will suffice for our purposes here. The first way you can define your own brand’s online visibility is by asking yourself a simple question: how easy is it for potential customers to find it online? To expand on this, we can also say that online visibility refers to the total presence your product (or website) has on various online forums.

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The level of online visibility begins with the content visitors can find on your website itself and the relative quality of your product or service.  But you can augment your overall internet presence through other means as well. These include things like:

  • making the search engines happy
  • establishing yourself as an authority in your market niche
  • generating backlinks on other websites
  • effective marketing on various social media platforms

While this is definitely an incomplete list, the items on it represent the foundation you need for a strong online presence. There are many ways a professional content writer can help you along in these specific areas.

Building the Pillars of Your Online Presence with a Professional Content Writer

The first thing you need to know is that good content writing requires a very specific set of skills. In other words, not just anyone can deliver the content your website needs on a regular basis. And while you don’t have to hire a writer on a full-time basis to get positive results, creating fresh content is still a job best left to experienced professionals. In the end, it’s a simple but important equation– a good product or service plus professional writing equals a healthier bottom line.

1. The Importance of Cornerstone Content

A high level of online visibility begins with the content on your actual website. Remember– search engines like Google use complex algorithms to assess and rank your website. And while these algorithms can seem very mysterious at times, some of the qualities they prize are pretty obvious.  Here are some of the qualities your web content has to have to rank well with the big search engines:

  •  The content has to be relevant to your target audience’s needs
  • Web content must always be timely and original
  • It must be logically structured and free of grammatical errors
  • Good web content must be emotionally engaging and fun to read
  • It has to be easily scannable
  • The content on your web pages should always be actionable

Every page on your website should exhibit these qualities, but they’re especially important on those that make up your cornerstone content. Essentially, cornerstone content refers to the ‘foundational’ pages on your website. These pages make up the core of your website. As such, they should well-written, relatively long, and informative. Additionally, your cornerstone content must have a strong link structure and contain popular keywords.

If all this sounds complicated or difficult, that’s because it is! A great deal of thought, research, and skill goes into creating cornerstone content. Hopefully, this much alone will convince you why it’s best to hire a writer. If not, there’s a lot more a professional content writer can do to promote your site.

2. Great Content to Make the Search Engines Happy

Big search engines like Google and, well, Google are just like any other company out there– they want to make their customers happy. And how do search engines make their customers happy? Yep, you guessed it. They make users happy by directing them to high-quality content.  That means pushing websites that are relevant to user search terms to the top of their results page.

You’ve already seen some of the key qualities of great content, but we need to emphasize the importance of keywords here. In addition to the characteristics you saw up above, all of your web content needs to have great SEO keywords woven in. The key phrase here is ‘woven in.’ The days when you could stuff a bunch of repetitive keywords into your posts are gone. These days, search engines require a bit more subtlety than that. In other words, they require the type of keyword integration that only a professional can accomplish.

Freelance Blog Writers

3. How Freelance Blog Writers Can Establish You as an Authority in Your Market Niche

To maximize sales on your website, you need both new and repeat visitors. Unfortunately, you can’t attract this kind of audience just because you want to. One thing that can give you a huge assist in this area is becoming known as an authority in your industry sector. And although you might already have this level of expertise, you’ll need a freelance blog writer to get the message out there.

Here’s how it works. First, you find freelance writers you trust enough to use again and again. Then, you ask them to write consistently on a given set of topics. Typically, these are topics that relate in a meaningful way to the products or services you’re selling. After a while, these bloggers will become something of a mouthpiece for you and your company. Finally, they’ll deliver the type of in-depth, engaging content that will bring readers back again and again.

4. Generating Backlinks From Other Websites

Backlinks are a high-octane way to bring the right traffic to your site. In case, you don’t already know, here’s a quick summary of how backlinks work. Let’s say your website sells camping equipment, for instance. You’ve been in business long enough to build a reputation for good service and high-quality products. But at some point, your sales plateau and you don’t quite understand why.

Then, you notice that the amount of traffic your site receives every month has decreased. But instead of worrying yourself to death, you decide to do something about it. You hire a professional writer and let them get to work. They write a blog series about the best camping spots in the country and it eventually starts getting attention from related websites. These websites find the blogs useful enough to link to them in their own content. This is what’s called a ‘backlink.’

Backlinks are valuable in two important ways. First, they attract readers directly from the related website. And if the content there is good enough, they might stick around long enough to buy one of your products. Second, search engine algorithms just love backlinks. Earn enough of them and you’ll shoot up the results page faster than you could have ever imagined. And how did all this happen? It happened because you were smart enough to let a freelance blog writer take over your content.

5. Social Media and Online Visibility

Social media can enhance your online presence in a variety of ways, but we’ll focus on just a couple of them here. First, readers who enjoy your posts will share them on any number of social media platforms. The benefits of social media shares are self-evident– more traffic and a fatter bottom line. Second, a professional writer can craft great posts on your company’s social media platforms, in addition to the content the post actually links to. As you can see, this traffic double tap is a great way to enhance your overall internet presence. Here are 10 Powerful Social Media Marketing Tools you should know.

A better online presence isn’t the only reason you should hire a writer, but hopefully, it’s enough to convince you all by itself. A professional content writer is a small upfront investment that’s bound to yield great returns. Get more information about the benefits of business blogging.

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