From punch cards to spreadsheets, timesheet technology has been a significant part of the workplace for decades. This trend continues today with all the different types of timesheet software available out there. 

Which Timesheet Software is Right For You?

If you’ve managed people or worked in HR for a substantial length of time, you know how rife with difficulties these kinds of technologies can be. Fortunately, timesheet software has changed all that in recent years. These days, it’s simply a matter of choosing a product that’s right for your team.

Unfortunately, not every timesheet software app was created equally. While most have their advantages, making the right choice for your company requires a bit of research and an accurate assessment of your needs.

To help you make this critical decision, we’ve compiled the following list of the five best timesheet software packages for 2019.


Created in 2004 under the name TimeClockOnline, this web-based service can be used with any operating system and only requires an internet connection to work. This means that employees can use it in multiple locations and clock in and out from anywhere in the world.

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Because is cloud-based software, employees can keep track of their data in real-time. It also allows for manual entries and customized reports. This reliable software has another great perk as well– it lets you use its services for one payroll cycle before you make any commitment to it. After this trial period, the service costs $9/month for every two employees who use it.

All in all, is an efficient employee timesheet for many companies and has earned its solid reputation.

2. Journyx

One of the earliest entries into the timesheet software market, Journyx was founded in 1996. In addition to its ability to track employee hours worked, Journyx has the following features as well:

  • easily tracks business expenses
  • generates payroll and other financial reports
  • manages your company’s automated bill payments
  • offers different versions for small businesses and larger companies

Journyx can keep track of this data for extended periods and provide you with financial forecasting. Though generally quite affordable, the cost for a Journyx subscription depends on the features you need.

3. Timesheet Xpress

This Windows-based employee timesheet app has the unique ability to work across a company’s network. This allows larger enterprises to collaborate efficiently across multiple departments and keep workflows clean and straightforward.

In addition to its basic time tracking functions, Timesheet Xpress is also an excellent tool for project management and budgeting. It can generate employee timesheets and other customized reports in a variety of different formats, which gives you a birds-eye view of your workflow from a number of useful perspectives. After a free trial, a license costs $102/year for every four users, with discounts available to schools and charitable organizations.

4. Replicon

Focusing on large organizations, Replicon is a multi-feature tracking system that gives a complete overview of how your employees spend their work time. Replicon doesn’t just feature customized timesheets and a convenient time clock. It also helps with project budgeting, expense management, and time use analysis.

As you can see, Replicon can serve many purposes simultaneously. In addition to being a  great piece of timesheet software, it helps businesses manage projects and maximize the productivity of their workforce. The cost depends on your company’s needs, but the first 14 days you use Replicon are free.

5. Harvest

With its simple interface and accurate expense tracking, Harvest has been a trusted employee timesheet app for many years. Accessible from any device, Harvest offers real-time reports for time usage and can generate estimates and invoices based on past projects.

Harvest offers both free and paid plans to subscribers. Your choice between these two versions would depend on the type of features you need. If you’re looking for timesheet software that does a little extra, then Harvest might be an ideal choice.

6. Time Clock Wizard

Among its impressive array of other advanced features, Time Clock Wizard includes sophisticated timesheet software as well. Highly intuitive and simple to use, this software makes it easy for managers to verify work hours and gives them a revealing look into how team members are spending their time.

It accomplishes this by combining the following features:

  • GPS location tracking that can track employee time automatically, no matter where they happen to be working
  • Photo capture that automatically takes a picture of employees when they clock in and out
  • TCW’s photo capture capabilities use facial recognition technology to help you confirm who is (and isn’t) onsite
  • The software also generates payroll reports that show work hours, expense reimbursement, and everything else that factors into your payroll.

Time Clock Wizard’s timesheet software is that rare product that benefits both the employer and the employee. This is just one of the reasons that thousands of companies just like yours use it to take the stress out of employee monitoring and payroll reports.

The Growing Need for Efficient Time Tracking Software

Time is your company’s most valuable asset. That’s why using it efficiently is so essential to your ongoing success. Whatever industry you work in, there’s a lot of tough competition out there. With everything else being equal, those companies who utilize their time well have the best chance to succeed.

Fortunately, the right time tracking software will allow you to make the most of your company’s time and keep up with your competition. So do a little research and take advantage of these six companies’ free trials to give your business the great time management it needs.


Employee Scheduling & Time Tracking Made Simple

All Plans Have A 14-Day Trial. No Credit Cards Required.

Discover Time Clock Wizard Now!