Time tracking software used to be a luxury that few companies could afford. However, this has been turned on its head in recent years. Now, a versatile time tracking app Mac is something no efficient company can do without.

This post is designed to help find the time tracker Mac that works best for you. The apps you’ll read about here can be incredibly useful to employers, freelancers, and remote workers. In short, these apps can be a valuable asset for just about anyone who uses the OSX system.

The Age of Distraction

It’s far too easy to get distracted these days. If it’s not a social media platform that prevents you from working, then it’s an intriguing email or an instant message notification. And if you fall down the rabbit hole of searching the internet, there’s no telling when you might come back.

In the end, it just doesn’t matter what it is that’s distracting you. The only thing that does matter is finding a workable solution. If you’re someone who uses an Apple device, this solution comes in the form of a time tracker Mac.

With so many time tracking options out there, how do you decide which is the best for you? Fortunately, we’ve done some of the homework for you. Here are our top five time tracking apps for Mac users.


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1. On the Job

This advanced tool hangs out on your Mac’s menu bar, tracking time spent on actual work and automatically detecting ‘downtime.’ On the Job creates a new work session automatically each time you start up its timer.

On the Job also organizes customer information according to the client’s name and address, as well as the hourly fees they pay. Lastly, it offers the additional benefit of automatically generating customer invoices based on client-specific rates.

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2. Klok

Klok’s unique look makes it instantly recognizable, beginning with the way it displays the time spent on each task. Klok’s visual appeal is definitely secondary to the following advanced features:

  • Customized options for organizing your company’s projects and clients
  • Automatic reset of the timer whenever work starts on a new task
  • Increased functionality through its easy integration with other time tracking software
  • Easily exported timesheets and automatically generated invoices
  • Detailed dashboard reports

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3. Tyme

Tyme is a truly efficient time tracking app for Mac users. First, you can configure a shortcut on your keyboard to start Tyme at the touch of a single button. When you’re working inside the app, you can also activate almost all of its features with a single hotkey as well.

Tyme also has a reminder option for Mac users who are constantly forgetting to keep track of their time. It accomplishes this by learning work habits and using the information to notify you whenever something unusual happens.

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4. OfficeTime

OfficeTime might not have the sleek look of software like Klok, but it has a host of productivity-based features to make up for its bland appearance. Here are some of the features that put OfficeTime near the top of our time tracker Mac list:

  • Its Quick Access feature lets you start the time without actually opening the app
  • The OfficeTime menu gives you a seamless and quick way to switch between projects
  • Easy integration with iCal makes billing clients a breeze
  • A simple interface that cuts down on training time and allows for efficient use

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5. Time Clock Wizard

Time Clock Wizard’s iPhone app is a boon for everyone involved in the company/employee relationship. First, managers can use it to track how long their employees work at multiple locations. TCW’s iPhone app also gives managers the ability to restrict when and where employees can clock in and out. This feature alone goes a long way toward increasing efficiency and reducing accidental or intentional employee time theft.

TCW’s time tracking app for Mac users is just as appealing to employees as it is to managers. More than a convenient way to clock in and out, this mobile app lets employees do the following as well:

  • View their schedules
  • Request to trade shifts
  • See how much paid time off they’ve accrued
  • View past timesheets
  • Compute their hours and wages earned in real-time

To sum up, Time Clock Wizard’s iPhone app lets both managers and employees view their workweek from a variety of perspectives. The sophisticated yet easy-to-use features of TCW’s mobile app represent just a few of the reasons why thousands of companies have chosen to track employee hours the Time Clock Wizard way.


Across the Board Value with Time Tracker App Mac

A time tracking app Mac doesn’t just simplify the payroll process. The software we’ve reviewed here also helps make you, your employees, and business more productive. Automatic timesheet reports and invoices make time tracking apps a boon for employers, while employees can rely on them to make sure they’re paid for everything they’ve actually done. If this isn’t a win-win proposition, then we don’t know what is.

Employee Scheduling & Time Tracking Made Simple

All Plans Have A 14-Day Trial. No Credit Cards Required.

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