High-Quality project management software is a must-have for successful companies in today’s ultra-competitive market. However, business owners and HR personnel have come to understand the true value of employee time tracking software as well. As a result of these parallel needs, there’s a growing demand for software that combines both capabilities in a single SaaS platform.

Exploring Your Options

Unfortunately, acknowledging this need is only the first step. Next, you have the more difficult task of choosing project time management software that meets your current needs. Of course, you have to do all this without wrecking your tech budget.

Don’t worry though– we’re here to help. In the following sections, you’ll read reviews of the six best project management and time tracking software tools that we’ve tested this year.


Project Management and Time Tracking Rolled Into One

Let’s get right to the point. When you combine the benefits of accurate time tracking with the synergistic collaboration that project management makes possible, you have a truly formidable array of tools at your disposal.

Employee Scheduling & Time Tracking Made Simple

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With both these tools under one umbrella, you won’t just have simplicity and convenience on your side. You’ll also have a pair of tools that mesh perfectly together. Now, without further ado, here are the top 6 project management tools with time tracking software for the coming year.


1. Mavenlink

Mavenlink is a project management platform that uses a variety of advanced features that allow company managers to maximize the productivity of their team. Additionally, Mavenlink has the simple time tracking features that managers need to make fine-grained labor analyses.

In the end, it’s simple. With Mavenlink working for you, you can track productivity, become more efficient, and reduce wasted time.


2. Hubstaff Tasks (plus Hubstaff)

Hubstaff’s time tracking app is one of the most versatile on the market and was specifically designed to facilitate more efficient teamwork. Here are the features that separate Hubstaff’s project time management software from the rest of the pack:

  • It lets managers distribute tasks among team members all over the world. Team members can easily track how much time they’ve spent on these various tasks.
  • With random screenshots, activity monitoring, and app tracking, Hubstaff helps you gauge the productivity of your team members.
  • It generates fine-grained reports from a variety of perspectives.

3. Wrike

Along with its excellent project management capabilities, the Wrike platform offers versatile time tracking abilities and high-level collaboration support. It also has features like work distribution systems, project timelines, real-time reports, and customized dashboards.

Wrike’s ability to communicate and collaborate with team members is one of the most significant ways that Wricke distinguishes itself from the project management crowd.


4. Trigger

Next, we’ll have a quick look at the unique features of Trigger. Designed exclusively for teams of consultants, Trigger offers time tracking capabilities along with work portals for each client. These portals give users access to:

5. Replicon

Comprised of several different products, Replicon is the ideal project time management software for large teams. Its various apps can function across a broad spectrum of different devices, making it much easier to track your team’s work hours from anywhere in the world.

Importantly, Replicon focuses on providing security for its users and helps you charge for every hour worked. This means less wasted time and resources. Lastly, Replicon also gives you the accurate costing that every project manager needs.

6. Time Clock Wizard

Time Clock Wizard’s software has all the project management and time tracking tools your company will ever need.  We’ll have a look at TCW’s time tracking capabilities first. After that, we’ll examine what its array of project management features can do to improve your business procedures.

Project Time Management Software That Truly Merits the Name

As a time tracking app, TCW’s platform is second to none. First, it can easily track employee hours from multiple locations. Second, it gives managers to the ability to restrict when and where employees can clock in and out. And if someone discovers a mistake? No problem. Managers can edit employee in and out times in a matter of seconds.

These features (and more) integrate perfectly with TCW’s project management tools. To begin with, you’ll have access to the platform’s employee scheduling and shift planning capabilities. Then, Time Clock Wizard’s impressive project management tools can take center stage:

  • Precision task management that’s marked by accessibility and clear communication
  • Mobile apps that simplify every aspect of the workplace equation
  • Automated timesheet, payroll, and PTO reports for easy labor analysis
  • GPS tracking that offers hands-free employee monitoring and ties everything together

Combine this wealth of features with TCW’s incredible support team and it’s easy to see why it’s trusted by thousands of companies just like yours.

Lightening the Load of Team Members and Managers Alike

These six apps make it simple for managers and team leaders to track every project detail. As a result, teams become more productive without adding to their workload. All of these software solutions are designed for better project management and offer features that will help managers sleep better at night.

These time and project management tools make it incredibly easy for team leaders and managers to keep track of absolutely everything, without burdening team members with additional work. A whole range of software has been created to help make project management easier and more efficient. Each solution offers a variety of features that can help transform the daily life of a project manager.

Employee Scheduling & Time Tracking Made Simple

All Plans Have A 14-Day Trial. No Credit Cards Required.

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