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Time Clock App for Employees

Category: Employee Time Management

Whether you run a small business with a few employees or a large company with thousands, you can save labor hours and payroll dollars by utilizing an online time clock app for your employees. These applications can benefit any business type. Cut Timekeeping Expenses Many of today’s online time clock applications allow your timekeeping information […]

How Much is Minimum Wage?

Category: Uncategorized

  As the rising cost of living drives people to search for better job opportunities, the concern over a stagnant minimum wage becomes the focus. Many people aren’t aware of what their state minimum wage is or when the national rate was last updated. A look at those rates may indicate a need for change […]

Gross Pay vs. Net Pay

Category: Education

The two most confused words among first time employees are “gross pay” and “net pay.” The simple way to remember the difference between these two is that “gross pay” is what you earned before taxes have been deducted. Net pay is what remains after taxes are deducted. Tracking Net Pay Net pay is important to […]

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