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/Tag: Reliability

How to Schedule Employees using Time Clock Wizard

Learning how to schedule employees efficiently will take the pressure off of any management team. “Scheduling employees” and “ordering inventory” are the two biggest headache factors for managers.  It should be noted that unstructured schedule management is one of the top reasons employees leave jobs within their probation period (typically within the first 90 [...]

2019-01-11T01:47:47+00:00January 16th, 2017|

Administrative and Support Service Activities

Administrative and support service activities is the binding glue between the Director of Human Resources, the CEO and the CFO. These are the duties that need to be performed in order to keep everyone up-to-date with payment and benefits. 40 hours Base pay rate Timesheets and timecards Travel Pay Overtime Time and a half Paid [...]

2019-01-11T02:33:19+00:00October 26th, 2016|

Payroll and Attendance System Questions Answered

A payroll and attendance system is required by law. No matter if you have 10 employees or 100,000, you need a system that is easy to use. Administrative support services benefit when the system is efficient. There are a lot of questions that employees and management regarding payments and outputs for payroll. It is important [...]

2019-01-11T02:51:05+00:00October 18th, 2016|

Why is a Group of Employees Protected When Others Are Not?

It is a myth that there is a protected group of employees. In reality, every employee is covered by laws intended to stop abuses done by employers. Because employers do not take in consideration what is needed before posting the job, companies end up in situations where employment law is violated. It is up to [...]

2019-01-11T02:59:48+00:00October 12th, 2016|