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Our free Alabama salary paycheck calculator is a tool that no growing company should be without. Fast, accurate to the cent, and incredibly easy to use, this software serves one purpose and one purpose alone: to help get your people get paid accurately and on time with the least possible effort on your end.

To calculate a salaried employee’s correct pay, all you need to do is input their annual salary and tax information into the appropriate fields. Once this is done, the software will take care of the rest.

This Calculator is provided for Free and without warranty as to its capability or effectiveness for any particular purpose. All promotions are subject to change without notice.

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Alabama Salary Paycheck Calculator FAQs 

Our Alabama pay calculator can help take a small chunk of the payroll burden right off of your plate. This is fine for some managers, but others don’t have a single minute to waste. For these managers, Paycheck Wizard is the perfect solution. Paycheck Wizard is an all-in-one service that takes care of your payroll from start to finish.

Once you submit your timesheet data, your work is done. We crunch all the numbers, withhold the proper taxes, and deliver your employees’ net pay via a paper check or direct deposit.

Want a little more information before you get started? Here are a few of the questions we hear about our Alabama salary calculator most often:  1

  1.  Does Alabama have a state income tax? 

             Yes. Alabama residents pay between 2% and 7% of their personal earnings in state income tax.  

  1. Do Alabama companies have to make provisions for termination pay? 

             No, there are no state requirements for termination pay in Alabama.

  1. Are there places in Alabama that levy additional local or county income taxes? 

             Yes. Birmingham and Bessenger levy an additional 1%, while the city ofGadsden tacks on extra 2%.

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