Free Arizona Hourly Payroll Calculator

This free Arizona hourly payroll calculator is fast, easy to use, and constantly updated with the latest tax information. Use it to calculate your net pay by inputting up to six hourly wage rates and any applicable federal, state, and local tax information. 

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Free Arizona Payroll Calculator FAQs

Our hourly payroll calculator software was developed by a team of skilled programmers, ensuring excellence and accuracy for all calculations. Tax information is delivered in real-time via a secure API connection with our consistently updated tax database, so you can be sure your deductions are correct every time. Count on our payroll calculator to provide ease of use, along with fast and accurate data output, saving you time and money!

Here are three of the most frequently-asked-questions about our hourly payroll calculator and Arizona income taxes:

  1. How do you calculate your take home pay if you live in Arizona? 

            It depends on whether you’re paid hourly or on salary. Hourly employees should use our hourly payroll calculator to find out their take home pay, while                      salaried employees should use our salary payroll calculator.

  1. How much is minimum wage in Arizona?

            As of January of 2019, minimum wage in Arizona was $11.00/hr. 

  1. At what rate does Arizona tax capital gains?

           Unlike most states, Arizona only levies taxes on 75% of residents’ capital gains. 

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