App Development in 2021 is something that will be in trend as most businesses now are trying to capture the mobile audience. If we analyze in big numbers, we can clearly see that apps have more privilege than websites as they can send instant notifications to their users. Now since we are talking about UI and UX, let’s explore its significance in App Development in Detail:


Changing the form of UI/UX Designing in App Development in 2021:

As we all know that all apps are now focusing more and more on User Experience and interaction. Earlier the UI/UX Design was just a medium to make the app look better. For that purpose, only Big apps were using custom UI/UX Designing and small ones were just using premade available set of UI/UX elements.

But in 2021, now the developers are more concerned about the overall user experience. At present, a good looking app is not enough, it should be unique and functional and should solve the purpose. With this need in mind, this year Custom UI/UX Designing is ruling the app market. Even small budget apps are appointing dedicated UI/UX designers to create every single element of an icon in a custom way.

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New Icons for Regular Things:

Earlier Designers were used to apply regular icons for common things like email, phone, message, etc. But now since custom UI/UX is in trend, designers are crafting beautiful unique icons even for these regular things.

Khieuware is one of these companies which provides Custom UI/Ux Designing for app Development.
This new revolution in UI/UX will surely make a productive and refreshing impact in the market. Users are liking the new refreshed look of regular things and enjoying it.

How important colors are in Ui/Ux Designing in 2021:

Colors are always important in designing. Even if your icons are made good and the color selection is wrong, it won’t look appealing. In 2021 color selection of the elements of UI/Ux will also be a major thing to look at. Now the colors of the icons are according to the daylight condition also in few apps.

This also provides flexibility and adaptability of changing the overall appearance of the app as per the outside light condition. Even Dark Mode in apps is also becoming popular as it gives relaxation to the eyes in night condition.

Not only colors, but the thickness and roundness of the elements are also a deciding factor in the UI/Ux elements. Let’s have a look at the below image:

You will notice that only this thickness of line and color changes the whole game and make the icon look prettier. So before deciding the final look of the make of any icon or element, one should also consider these minor things in UI/Ux designing.

Size Adaptability of Icons in 2021:

Earlier designers used to change the icon’s size only when the screen size changes. But now app developers are giving this icon size change option in the hands of users. This 2021 will be the year of User-based UI/Ux. Now users will be controlling a lot in terms of how the UI/Ux will look in their particular app in their phone. This also adds a personalized touch in the app for users to make the app more comfortable for each individual.


With this rapidly changing world of app development, 2021 will be the year of Custom Ui/Ux designing. And Users will also have their control over the app’s look and feel this year. I guess this step towards making the interaction of the apps more personalized will surely bring something new to the table that users will love to play with. I guess now things are clear that how Custom UI/UX Designing can be a game-changer in App Development in 2021.

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All Plans Have A 14-Day Trial. No Credit Cards Required.

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