Let’s get right to the point– without the right tools, generating invoices is a frustrating task. Your company has to get paid, sure, but that doesn’t make the painstaking process of typing up an invoice any less of a chore.

That’s why so many companies are choosing to find a free invoice template for Excel or Word. These are about the only two ways to make invoicing a little bit easier.

However, if you’re in the market for an invoice template for Word or Excel, which product should you choose? Read on to learn about your six best options.

1. Invoice Template By Solna

Solna offers a template tool that’s free, web-based, and very user-friendly. This fill-in-the-blank invoice template just needs some key details, and can even charge for VAT or offer discounts if you’re running promotions. They also have tools to help switch between currencies and charging formats for your clients. You can even save your settings to reuse at another time if you’re using the same methods of charging across multiple clients.

The only downside to Solna is that is has a built-in credit score tracker. This may be too much-shared information for some clients’ comfort.

2. Invoice Simple

Looking for an easy to use invoice template with a more traditional feel? Then look no further than Invoice Simple. This downloadable template has customizable sections with a field-based system to tailor the invoice to your needs. It also lets you alter variables like VAT rates and currency to keep your invoice accurate.

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You can choose which template you need depending on your industry. Invoice Simple can be used no matter what kind of work you do. Also, they even give you the ability to brand your invoices with your company logo, giving it a professional polish.

3. Invoice Home

Invoice Home offers multiple types of free excel invoice templates for all of your invoicing needs. Whether it’s sales receipts, tax invoices, quotes, or just a traditional invoice, Invoice Home has you covered. Choose from over 100 different invoice templates for your business needs. Create an account with them to store your invoices for easy reference later.

Their customizable features include terms and conditions boxes and an extensive range of currencies to make sure your customers’ needs are met. Unfortunately, it is not possible to only save invoice sections, so parts cannot be as quickly recovered for later use.

4. Invoicely

Another simple invoice tool, Invoicely, provides basic features for professional-looking invoices to send to your clients. This service is quick and easy to use, giving you pre-designed sheets to feel with your company’s billing details and information. Easily editable and without any pomp and circumstance, Invoicely lets you adjust price, currency, discounts, and more. Although their customization is more limited, they are praised for their simplicity.

5. InvoiceBerry

InvoiceBerry offers quick, downloadable templates that have gained popularity because of their easy editing. These templates are designed to be best for freelancers and small businesses who aren’t worried about automating their invoice process. They are very straightforward and helpful if you are confused about what goes into the invoicing process. You’ll be able to enter your information quickly and be that much closer to a payday.

6. Microsoft Office

Sometimes, the best options are right in front of you. Microsoft Office comes with over four pages of editable and free excel invoice templates to play with. Once you’ve found the one that works best with your business, simply put in your information and edit with Word, then send it out in an email. Don’t let invoicing get you down. Everything you need is already on your computer.

Choosing The Best Free Invoice Template for Excel

As you can see, there are several great choices out there for companies that want to simplify the invoicing process. So yet the question remains: Which free invoice template for Excel is best suited to fit your company’s needs. Well, like most software choices, the answer depends on your specific needs. Shop around a little before you decide, and you’re sure to choose wisely.

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All Plans Have A 14-Day Trial. No Credit Cards Required.

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