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SaaS for Business: What You Should Know

Software as a Service or SaaS for business is the new delivery model for many business' software. Also known as “on-demand software,” SaaS is categorized under cloud computing with the subscribed software licensing. According to a survey conducted by BetterCloud, it is estimated that 73% of companies will have up to 80% of their business applications [...]

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The Importance Of A Solid Content Marketing Strategy

When someone mentions “content marketing,” articles, blog posts, and even social media posts come to mind. However, content marketing goes well beyond that. Content marketing focuses on the reason people create content, the target audience, and how people can offer them benefits they will not get elsewhere. Content marketing is a comprehensive digital marketing strategy [...]

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Outsourcing Pros And Cons: Should You Do It?

Evaluating The Outsourcing Pros and Cons Have you been deliberating over the idea of outsourcing some of your company’s tasks? You may have arrived at this idea for a few reasons. As a business owner, you may be trying to cut costs in specific departments of the company or reduce the workload of your team. [...]

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Business Process Automation: A Revolutionary Workforce

Business process automation is a setting where businesses apportion recurring business processes to systems instead of humans with the goal of increasing efficiency, decreasing costs, and cutting down paper trails. It is a subcategory of business process management, which entails managing and executing complex business processes using a variety of methods. Simply put, business process [...]

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