//5 Great Ideas for Virtual Team Building

5 Great Ideas for Virtual Team Building

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employee productivityIf your remote workforce isn’t living up to its potential, it might be time for some virtual team building. Virtual team building games can bridge the geographical gaps between your employees and help them become much more efficient. 

Virtual Team Building For a New Workforce

Although they’ve been around for many years, most managers still don’t know to develop the cohesion, accountability, and teamwork that their remote workers desperately need. That’s why we’ve compiled the following list of activities and games for remote workers. Try out one or two of these activities and alter them as you see fit. You might be surprised at the results that virtual team building can achieve.

1. Virtual Karaoke for Fun and Bonding

The goofy fun of a Karaoke Night can help your employees relax and let them get to know one another in a non-work setting. Here’s how it works. On a weekend night, host a video conference and use an online karaoke application to give your employees some much-deserved bonding time. To help encourage a fun atmosphere, you can even send out virtual gift cards for drinks.

In a traditional office, it’s not uncommon for people to want to unwind at a local bar or hang out together after work. Since this usually isn’t possible for remote teams, offering coworkers the opportunity to connect without work pressure will strengthen the team when it comes time to head back to work on Monday.

2. Plan a Meal

Once a month, have everyone share a dish or recipe that they enjoy. Encourage everyone to attempt to make the dish and share their experiences eating it on a conference call or through pictures on social media and in chat rooms. You can also have everyone plan a multi-course meal together to help them learn coordination and leadership skills.

3. Game or Movie Night

Whether it be weekly, monthly, or quarterly, pick a movie or game for everyone to engage in and enjoy together. You can stream movies through screen-sharing technology and have a live chat up so that people can communicate and comment as they watch.

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Another option is to pick an online game and host a server so your people can join in on the fun. Games like Minecraft are great for team building and cooperation, while more competitive games like Overwatch can bring out coworkers’ more playful sides. You can even host physical games like Charades or Pictionary over video chat. The important thing is that everyone gets involved and has a little fun.

4. Remote Scavenger Hunt

Give your team silly and fun tasks throughout the week to try and accomplish. These could range from something personal (i.e. find the person who has the most pets, the youngest coworker) to things outside the virtual team (i.e. pet a dog you don’t own, pick a red flower).

You can either create your lists on your own or use a scavenger hunt platform like GooseChase. These virtual team building games will help people connect their personal lives to their work and encourage productivity. It’s easy to forget when you’re mostly working behind a screen that your coworkers are all real people with lives.

5. Get in Shape Together

Post weekly goals for your employees based on physical fitness and activity. This could be the number of steps you take or the amount of time you spend exercising in the course of a week. If your company has the money to invest, you could send your team members Fitbits or pedometers to help with keeping track.

Virtual team building usually focuses on the mental and emotional connectivity of a team. But remote teams are often working at a computer screen for several hours a day. Encouraging exercise among your team members is a great way to keep your employees healthy and offer them a support network for health goals.

Using Virtual Team Building To Create a Better Future

In a traditional, shared office space, employees tend to bond with one another naturally. They may or may not always work well together, but proximity alone gives them a leg up on their virtual counterparts. Most employees would probably benefit from a bit of dedicated team building, but virtual team building games are especially important for remote workers. It might require a bit of planning and effort, but improving teamwork is always worth it in the long run.

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